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Our Frog animal toy full of lavender is your best friend in the case of some low hurting - without medicine. Put the microwavable lavender frog 90 seconds in your microwave and you will have some pillow that helps you to wake up in the morning with lower muscle hurting. You could use this product as a pillow, neck pad, heating pack and neck pillow. This Frog is the favourite product for people they are interested in terraristic. Beddy Bear & Friends - The Original: The first worldwide thermal bottle teddy bears completely for the Microwave.

It's the double functionality, that makes the thermal bottles bears so special, innovative and attractive for children: On the day time as a toy and soft teddy bear and in the evening like a warm thermal bottle.

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The new generation for microwave to play, cuddle and natural warming! For kids and teenagers.

A great playmate - stuffed animal from us, is a must-have in every childrenroom and playroom!

As an additional benefit: A benefit for muscle tension, joint or abdominal pain or just for cuddling, warming and relaxing. In addition, the ideal sleep aid.

After each microwave use, the product is always fungus and germs free.

Ideal replacement to traditional hot water bottle. The application is easier, faster and safer, because cumbersome filling of hot water and the risk of scalding is not applicable.

The thermal bottle bears are circa 30 centimeters tall and they have a smoothy coat.

How to use the microwave thermal bottle bears:

- Take the product out from the box and cut off any applications.
- The product is clean and you can put it immediately in the microwave.
- Warming time : 90 seconds at maximum 800 Watt.
- Now your thermal bottle bear is ready to cuddle and warm you up.